Top 5 Mistakes Every Small Business Solopreneur Makes

Decided to go out on your own, eh? Ready to offer the world your unique gifts in your own unique way?
Choose a name for your business, make a quick website, print some business cards, start a blog and ta-da – you are officially an entrepreneur. Now what? (Crickets chirping, perhaps?) It’s hard to believe, but sending out an email to everyone you know is NOT going to get you business. Neither is handing out business cards or making the perfect website.
Here are 5 Mistakes to Learn From when launching your new small business:
  1. Spending all your time building your systems and technology and never going out to actually meet prospective clients. You can’t just sit at home and organize your desk and make promotional brochures and send emails asking people to give you business. You actually have to go meet people. Successful networking is critical in the beginning of any new business
  2. Talking only about your business and yourself – with friends and family, at networking events, etc. Starting a business can become a Universe unto itself, but the rest of the world lives outside of that Universe. Speak in human terms from time to time. Here’s a little help – sports, music, weather, a basic “How Are You?” – these are all “human terms” up for use if you catch my drift.
  3. Trying to appeal to everyone. It’s OK. There are actually plenty of people in the world who need what you have to offer. Don’t mess that up by trying to appeal and sell your services or products to every Tom, Dick and Jane. Be picky. Be “On-Purpose.” Be really good at what you do and know who you do your best work with. Saying YES to everyone – NOT a good strategy.
  4. Not recovering from setbacks. You will probably hear a lot of “No’s” when you first get started. This can be crushing to the eager solopreneur. Surround yourself with great people (family, friends, networking groups, a business coach), keep your core purpose in mind at all times, and for the sake of your sanity and survival, please find meaningful ways to celebrate your successes! This will change everything!
  5. Spending all your time working. Yes, there is a lot to do when you start your own business. And one of the reasons you probably did it was to have more time and satisfaction in your life. REMEMBER that. Write that down. Read it everyday. Repeat after me “I promise to sleep, eat regular meals and get outside for some kind of social interaction and exercise on a regular basis. I love my friends. I love my family. I love myself. And therefore I promise to do these things.” Work:Life Balance is a vital skill in your own business.