What do you really want from your life? What lights you up? What scares you? How might your life, business, or career vastly improve when you transform how you experience the world, by tapping into your innate creativity and wisdom, accomplishing things with more ease and grace, and sharing your passion with the world. Why not live more fully, experience things more deeply and really GO FOR IT!

Creative Living: What will your future hold?

In this interactive group program, we will dive into identifying what you really want and pointing yourself in that direction with intention, clarity and heart. We will explore creating your future in a way that seems effortless and fun all the while achieving more than you might think possible.

You have the rare opportunity to be coached by TWO high level transformative coaches. Kristy Halvorsen and Andrew Hogan have more than 30 years of combined coaching experience. Together Kristy and Andrew will help you shift into inspired action so that what you want to achieve feels right and easy.  We will explore simple truths that can help guide you effortlessly toward more success- in your life, health, career, retirement- everything. Once your misunderstandings clear, being stuck and frustrated we be a thing of the past. You’ll unravel the maze of your thinking and learn to trust your own innate wisdom in every part of your life. Get ready to point yourself in the direction of happiness and success, personally and professionally. If you wan to do what you love and love what you do, this course is for you!

Thriving Clients

“The desire to achieve my life dreams was so strong that at times it left me paralyzed and overwhelmed. Often I felt like I was inching my way towards it. One of the most important lessons was realizing that in order to move forward you must take one step at a time. The feeling of empowerment grew exponentially in every session and I am certain that with out coaching it would’ve taken me many years to arrive where I am today.

Kristy Halvorsen, having you as a Friend has changed my life. Having you as my Coach has taken me to a place that I could only dream.”

Luciano DeAndradeArtist, Firefighter, and Explorer

“We immediately started working in a different way… much more respectful, cohesive, self-knowledgeable. Immediately after our engagement with Visioneers, I successfully sold my company to investors. My goal was to raise $100,000 in 30 days, which I actually achieved in 15 days.”

John GuinivereFormer CEO – Cheflive

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the power of coaching. You helped me see where I was caught in a loop and fooling myself. You released me from my own mind games and propelled me into true productivity.”

Amy BrannonWriter, Editor, and Adventuristjulstro.com

“I’ve worked with Andrew throughout the past several years to scale my business, grow my leadership and massively improve my level of productivity – all with less stress and more fun. If you are looking for more effortless success in your life, I can’t recommend Andrew enough!”

Ravi RamanExecutive & Career Coach for Technology Professionals and Former Director at Microsoft


Weekly Sessions

All sessions are via web/teleconference


3 Payments of $149 or $397 paid in full

Some things we’ll take a look at:

  • What intrigues and speaks to you – what direction do you want to head in?
  • Learning to hear and follow your intuition more– you don’t have to KNOW how it’s all going to work
  • Starting. Taking steps – even small steps – in the “right” direction eventually covers great distances
  • Be open to miracles
  • Trusting your innate wisdom
  • Investing in the process, not the outcome – learning to LOVE what you are up to in this world
  • Life can be effortless and fun – we are designed for love, joy, ease and grace. It REALLY doesn’t need to be hard. (This is a BIG one!)
  • Taking inspired action
  • Continue following your built-in GPS – watch yourself unfold before your own eyes!

Creative Living – A Deep Look Into the Design of Life

Your Program Facilitators

Andrew Hogan

Andrew Hogan

Andrew, Founder and CEO of Visioneers, is an avid world traveler and born entrepreneur who went from launching a GIS software firm to building a successful market research company.

In the late 90s his interest grew from helping companies predict the future to helping individuals, teams and organizations create the actual future they wanted. In 1998, Visioneers was born.

Since then, Andrew has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, CEOs, businesses, and community groups using 30 years of experience in transformative coaching, intentional play and his proprietary Visioneering process to create powerful futures with amazing clients all across the globe.

Kristy Halvorsen

Kristy Halvorsen

Kristy, Founder and CEO of Yourevolution Coaching, has created and facilitated multiple successful mastermind groups and group coaching programs. In addition to her coach training at Erickson College and her certification with the International Coach Federation, Ms. Halvorsen has been trained by one of the world leaders in group coaching.

She is also a proven leader with many accolades and degrees including a Masters Degree in engineering with a minor in business. Ms. Halvorsen has an international clientele and is devoted to empowering people to live amazing lives.

How It Works:

  • Nine 75-minute Group Coaching Sessions via web/teleconference
    • Eight Group coaching sessions Sessions
    • One Group Coaching Session for additional support and guidance in the month following completion of the program
  • Experience working with two Transformative Coaches
  • We will meet via Zoom: a full featured web conferencing service
  • Join in by PC, MAC, and iOS/Android mobile devices for all features
    • You may also join in by phone for audio only
    • All group sessions will be recorded and available to all participants for review
    • Opportunity for investing in One-on-One Coaching during the program
  • Lifetime access to session recordings and activities
  • Supplement your learning with exercises and readings to gain insight
  • Access to a closed Facebook Page for discussion, sharing insights & learning with other program member
  • And more!

Creative Living – A Deep Look Into the Design of Life

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the power of coaching. You helped me see where I was caught in a loop and fooling myself. You released me from my own mind games and propelled me into true productivity.”

Amy Brannon

Sound interesting? We’d love for you to join us!

Creative Living – A Deep Look Into the Design of Life

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